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On duty time: Monday through Friday. Am 8:00~12:00 / Pm 13:00~17:00
(national holidays are not available)
Address: No.296, Dongrong Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412226, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone: 04-2481-8870
Fax: 04-2481-3124




Organization chart

04-2481-8870 #
Service Center 411
Director 501
Director Office 502
Secretary 508

Accounting Office

Handling of budgetary and accounting matters according to law. 


Personnel Administrator

Handling of personnel management according to law. 

Report Office 301
Research & Evaluation 506

First Section

Handling of land and building improvements (including registration, review, and change), calculation of registration fees, management of cadastral warehouse, and other matters. 


Second Section

Handling of land and building improvements (including surveying, land resurveying, library management, maintenance and management of computer equipment related to surveying systems 


Third Section

Land value assessment, redefinition of land value, preparation of the table of announced land value, land price change, issue of land price transcripts, preparation and reporting of land statistics, and land valuation systems. 


Fourth Section

Sending and receiving of official documents, file management, general affairs, cashier, financial management, seals management, and research and evaluation 


Infomation Section

Land administration systems, management of control room and hardware equipment maintenance, and land registration transcript

509. 511.513. 515